badger rx gold program

Gold Program

gold programThe health program of BadgerRx Gold was best received for individuals with a great credit score; because having good credit can alleviate financial stress in other parts of your life so that if you don't qualify for a plan like BadgerRx Gold, you are able to have the financial options to pay for health care. Local credit repair companies and businesses like are highly recommended if you need to fix your credit or even help with debt consolidation so you can pay for health care if you don't qualify for certain programs. Having a good credit score can be essential for many facets of your life.

BadgerRx Gold was a program designed to assist in keeping prescription drugs accessible and affordable for Wisconsin residents. If you lived in Wisconsin, you were eligible. It was that simple. There was no age requirement and no screening for pre-existing health conditions.

Modeled after a landmark drug benefit program created for employees of the State of Wisconsin, BadgerRx Gold strived to bring affordable prescription drugs to the uninsured and underinsured. The purchasing power of this partnership, which has already helped to save the state $25 million in prescription drug costs in the first year alone, was being offered to Wisconsin residents.

BadgerRx Gold was not a drug discount card. It was a program that offered lower costs on methodically selected medications that were monitored for your safety and well-being using a team of Wisconsin physicians and pharmacists.

There were hundreds of pharmacies in Wisconsin participating in BadgerRx Gold. Many people joined and started saving up to 25-40% on the price of covered medications right at the time of sale at your local participating pharmacy.

The demographic who could apply are listed below.

The BadgerRx Gold Program was ideal if you:

  • > Did not have health insurance.
  • > Had health insurance, but did not have a prescription drug benefit.
  • > Were in a plan with high coinsurance.
  • > Were in a plan that didn't cover the medicines you needed.