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Common Questions

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What was the BadgerRx Gold Program?

BadgerRx Gold was a new prescription drug program that made prescription medications accessible and affordable to people in Wisconsin who are uninsured or underinsured.

How did BadgerRx Gold reduce prescription drug prices?

BadgerRx Gold had the purchasing power of the State of Wisconsin behind it. That means lower prices on covered medications. Participating pharmacies provided discounts, drug manufacturers offered rebates on covered medications, and BadgerRx Gold passed the combined savings to you, where you saved up to 25-40% on the cost of these medications.

How did BadgerRx Gold different from drug discount cards?

Unlike drug discount cards that generally do not pass drug manufacturer rebates to consumers, BadgerRx Gold members received the direct benefit of these rebates. Rebates represent significant savings that make medications more affordable.

Would could I have been eligible to join the BadgerRx Gold Program?

If you lived in Wisconsin, you would be eligible for BadgerRx Gold. It's that simple. There was no age requirement and no screening for pre-existing health conditions.

If you didn't have health insurance; or your health insurance didn't include a prescription drug benefit; or if you're in a plan that has high coinsurance or doesn't cover the medicines you need, BadgerRx Gold was right for you.

What did it cost to be a BadgerRx Gold member?

BadgerRx Gold members paid an annual (non-refundable) enrollment fee of $25 per person ($20 if enrolling online) or $75 per family of four or more ($70 if enrolling online). Because you were saving money on your medications, this cost was likely to be recouped after the first few prescriptions you filled at your pharmacy.

Which prescription drugs were covered by BadgerRx Gold?

Our list of covered medications has been determined by a team of Wisconsin physicians and pharmacists to give BadgerRx Gold members the best possible drug therapy options.

If you have any questions about the medicines covered by BadgerRx Gold, you could view a complete list or quick reference version in the covered medications section of this website.

How did BadgerRx Gold ensure that these drugs were as safe as possible?

With BadgerRx Gold, a dedicated team of pharmacists reviewed your prescriptions for drug interactions and duplication of therapy to ensure that you received safe, effective medications.

How could I have enrolled?

It was easy to join BadgerRx Gold. There were four ways to enroll for membership:


Online enrollment was the most cost-effective option, saving you $5 per person or family on the annual enrollment fee. You could enroll online instantly and become a member.

mail or fax

If you preferred the mail or fax option, you would need to first obtain an enrollment form. You could download an enrollment form on this website or you could obtain one by requesting that an enrollment kit be mailed to you.

The enrollment kit contained an enrollment form and postage-paid return envelope, a brochure explaining the program and a partial list of covered medications.

What happened after I enrolled?

After we processed your enrollment form, you'd receive your BadgerRx Gold member ID card in 15 business days or less. You could use it immediately to save on your prescriptions.

How did the member ID card work?

BadgerRx Gold members received savings on covered medications at any participating pharmacy. To receive these savings, you were required to present your card at the pharmacy when you filled your prescriptions.

Which pharmacies were participating in the BadgerRx Gold Program?

Hundreds of Wisconsin pharmacies were participating in the BadgerRx Gold Program. To see if your local pharmacy was one of them, you could view a complete list in the participating pharmacies online.