badger rx gold program


enrollment gold programWhen enrollment was still going on, it was easy and could be handled in one of four ways: online, phone, mail or fax. Each of these options required that you complete a simple form and submitted it with payment for the annual (non-refundable) enrollment fee. Payment was accepted in the form of a credit card, or if you were applying by mail, you could choose to pay with a personal check.

Because online enrollment saves on processing and mailing expenses, we pass a portion of this savings on to you. When people enrolled online they saved $5 per person or family, depending on your enrollment status. It was quick, efficient and saves you money.

Once your enrollment form was processed, you received a BadgerRx Gold member ID card* in 15 business days (or less) that could be used immediately at participating pharmacies.

*You were required to present your member ID card to the pharmacy when filling a prescription in order to receive savings on covered medications.